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Double the metal precision

The unique way in which the exhibits were presented on specially tailored, high-quality acrylic glass panels and stands in illuminated display cases with bar tables right next to them, two large photo banners and Niels (the eye-catching skeleton showing off all the bone implants) drew the attention of the many visitors to the stand. The clear messages outlining customer benefits in the corporate colours blue, silver and white were a refreshingly dominant aspect of the new trade fair presence. Ralf Petrawitz and Christoph Lenze, the two managing directors, and their numerous employees at the stand provided their visitors (many of whom were also regular customers) with competent advice on every day of the event. A virtual 360° company tour with the VR headset provided even more insights into Klingel medical metal’s business segments and complete value chain. Josef Ganter’s new, clear ratchet catalogue – a comprehensive publication comprising more than 50 pages and outlining all ratchets and accessories that are currently available – was in high demand as well. All in all, the overall picture is a harmonious one that impressively and sustainably underlines the two affiliated companies’ expertise in metal precision and precision mechanics. “The feedback we received and the quality of the conversations we had with customers illustrate a clear need for comprehensive services – from development and design, through to CNC production, surface treatment and finishing, as well as cleaning, packaging and logistics,” was the verdict given by Ralf Petrawitz and Christoph Lenze. The two managing directors believe that Klingel medical metal and Josef Ganter Feinmechanik are absolutely on-trend with this expanded value chain and the associated requirements. “High quality at reasonable prices and quick delivery times is still our benchmark.”