David Schnur Associates, Redwood City CA

Owner-managed, technical sales company with headquarters in California and further regional offices. The representatives stand for a special qualification and expertise with regard to design, prototyping and manufacturing of parts with complex geometries and medical components. David Schnur Associates has become our partner for the target markets Ireland, Great Britain and Israel.

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 Netzwerk Hochform - Precision machining made in Pforzheim

Many well-known, highly innovative, modern and future-oriented companies are already member of the initiative "Netzwerk Hochform" which is part of the "Wirtschaft und Stadtmarketing Pforzheim". They are united in the goal to strengthen the economic area Pforzheim/Northern Black Forest and to encourage, develop and use its competences in precision technologies.

Klingel medical metal is a partner of the Initiative HOCHFORM.



ACIG exhibition in Tuttlingen 

Klingel medical metal and Josef Ganter Feinmechanik are represented with a display in the exhibition for surgical instruments and devices in Tuttlingen. This permanent exhibition is open on working days (and on demand) und offers a quick survey over a great part of the 400 medical device manufacturers in Tuttlingen. Furthermore, we are listed in the ACIG-compendium next to 200 other companies from the medical industry.

Address: ACIG, In Grubenäcker 6, 78532 Tuttlingen, www.acig.de