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Since 2018 we offer additive manufacturing in collaboration with specialised partners. With the new process "additive manufacturing" we once again put great emphasis on innovation. In combination with our proven core competence we provide decisive added value.

metall laserschmelzen2

The metal laser sinterning is an industrial 3D-printing process for the manufacturing of fully functional metal prototypes and (series)production parts with complex 3D-surface structures and/or interior channels up to complete components or assemblies with functional elements like hinges in only one step.

Bauteile 3D Druck

The 3D-printing with metal or rather the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) offers designers the freedom to experiment with different geometries in the construction of the parts, which exceed the limits of all other production procedures - and all without any tools, with less time requirement and waste. In addition to this service, KLINGEL offers a special treatment of DMLS-components to realise high-end surface finishes. 


  • CNC-machining of a component for downstream selective metal laser sintering
  • Manufacturing of complex geometries within a short period with direct metal laser sinterning
  • Milling of planar surfaces and fittings
  • Precise finish of surfaces (blasting, deburring, polishing, marking)

In our value creation chain, you can find the corresponding processes, which can be combined in a modular manner according to your needs.



If you are interested in realising your ideas as fast as possible and with maximum geometrical design freedom and without setup costs, please contact us. Our experts are lookong forward to new challenges.