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Quality is a safety parameter that’s central to medical technology. When it’s a question of people’s health, perfect quality is paramount. KLINGEL has a record of achieving second-to-none product quality that differentiates it from competitors.

Highly qualified staff, continuous quality management, consistent process optimization and constant further qualification of our employees guarantee that we at KLINGEL medical metal meet our own high standards of quality. Our strategic positioning with in-house competencies covering the entire value chain allows high control and monitoring along the production processes and their interfaces. To this end, we attach great importance to ensuring transparent process flows and professional order processing.

To make sure that we can guarantee this high standard of quality, we perform elaborate quality controls throughout the entire production process. For series monitoring, for instance, the instruments we use include four coordinate measuring machines and three optical measuring instruments. The results are logged and analyzed – and contribute valuable insights that then flow into further process optimization. Because we work with short lines of decision at KLINGEL medical metal, we are always able to react quickly and flexibly to changed needs. A professional complaint management system completes our portfolio of quality management services.